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Sculpture in Context Exhibition 2017

Awards 2017

Sculpture in Context Awards for Large Outdoor Works of Distinction in Any Medium
Mick Davis for ‘le Poete’, Martin O’Keefe for ‘Sunrise’, Brian Synnott for ‘Dinosaur’

McKeon Stone Awards
First Prize – Claudia Pigors for ‘Hug Umarmug’ Second Prize – Stephen Burke for ‘Water’ Third Prize – Darren Rogers for ‘ Born in the Sea’

 Bronze Art Award Catherine Byrne for ‘Regenaration’ and ‘Seed’

The Mill Cove Award Martin O’Keefe for ‘Sunrise’

Irish Ceramics Award Eileen Singleton for ‘Torca’

Gallery Zozimus Purchase Award Sophie Kate Curran for ‘Entrophy IV’

The Most Popular Outdoor Sculpture 2017 Mick Davis for ‘Le Poete’

The Most Popular Indoor Sculpture 2017 Sean Cooke for ‘Rush’