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Sculpture in Context 2018

Awards 2018

Sculpture in Context Awards for Large Outdoor Works of Distinction in Any Medium
Peter Slyman for ‘Source’, Alva Gallagher for ’Breath’, Aoife Patterson for ‘A Walk in the Garden to Look at the Crows’

McKeon Stone Awards
First Prize – Niall O’ Neill and Niall Deacon for ‘Bullán’ Second Prize – Martha Quinn for ‘Fern’ Third Prize  – Helen O’Connell for ‘Nunataq 1’

Bronze Art Award Paul Flynn for ‘Harmonium’

The Mill Cove Award Helen Merrigan Colfer for ‘A Bird in the Hand’

Irish Ceramics Award Cathy Burke for ‘Caloplaca’

Gallery Zozimus Purchase Award Patricia Rafferty for ‘Japanese Walled Garden’

The Most Popular Outdoor Sculpture 2018 Peter Slyman for ‘ Source’

The Most Popular Indoor Sculpture 2018 Dirk Hudson for ‘Return’.